Services and Pricing

Dog Yard Waste Cleanup

Average Weekly Cleaning (May vary depending on amount of waste and yard size)-
$12/ 1 dog
$18/ 2 dogs
$22/ 3 dogs

Prices for twice a week service will be cheaper per visit.

If your yard has not been cleaned for some time, initial cleanings average from $30-$80, but may vary, depending on the amount of waste, and size of the yard.  See prices above for cleanups thereafter.

We also offer once-and-done services for many situations, like cleaning up before a child's or graduation party, a wedding reception, putting your home on the market, or after a Grand-dog spent the weekend.  Call for a free estimate.

We ask that you keep your yard cut on a regular basis.  If we cannot see the poop, we cannot clean it up.  Tall grass also attracts fleas and ticks, which are not good for your pets or our Scooper.

If you have a locked gate, and you will not be home at the time of clean up, we ask that you provide us with a key or lock combination.

Litter Box Cleaning


Average weekly cleaning:
$10/ 1 cat
$13/ 2 cats
$16/ 3 cats

If you love your cat, but the litter box cleaning is something that you'd rather not do, or if you are an expectant mother, who's been told not to handle cat litter, we'll take care of this dirty task.

We will also clean your litter box when you are away on vacation.   Prices vary for vacation service.

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